At Serenity Smile Care we offer an extensive range of dental services. This includes pediatric, cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry.

Restorative and general dentistry at Serenity Smile Care is mainly focused on the function of teeth and preventing tooth decay.  To achieve this, the doctor and our team help patients create an oral health routine consisting of a dental cleaning for patients with healthy gums and patients with a history of gum disease, thorough dental exams and detailed instructions on at-home care. With regular maintenance and care, you can stop the build-up of calculus and plaque under the gums and around the teeth, which often results in a range of dental problems such as bone damage, gingivitis, tooth decay, and ultimately, tooth loss.

Comprehensive Dental Exam and Oral Cancer Screening

Our doctor performs a thorough head & neck exam and an equally thorough oral cancer exam of the mouth.  The doctor will examine the health of the teeth and gums and determine if gum disease treatment, fillings or other care is needed.  Several digital x-rays will be taken to evaluate parts of the teeth that can not be seen with the naked eye.  A custom treatment plan will be developed for each patient to help achieve optimal oral health.

Restorative Care for Children and Adults

Restorative dentistry refers to procedures performed to treat an infected tooth or replace a missing tooth. Restorative dental treatment encompasses a wide range of procedures, which we will discuss in more detail shortly. But first, what is the significance of restorative dentistry?

  • Filling cavities caused by decay keeps your teeth in place, especially baby teeth.
  • Replacing missing teeth makes maintaining proper oral hygiene easier.
  • Replacing lost teeth prevents your teeth from shifting into the gaps and affecting the alignment of your teeth and bite.
  • It improves your smile, which can boost your self-confidence.
  • It improves your speech, particularly if you have missing front teeth.

There are numerous restorative procedures available, and the best one for you will be determined by your specific dental conditions. The following are several common restorative dental services: Dental Implant Crowns and Bridges, Dental Fillings, Crowns, Partials/Dentures, and Bridges.

Dental Extractions

Dental extractions are sometimes necessary and cannot be avoided. 

What Is the Purpose of a Dental Extraction?

Dental extractions are required for the following reasons:

Crowded Teeth –  This can eventually lead to chewing and biting issues, as well as a crooked smile.

Infection – Damaged or decaying teeth can cause infection by extending to the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth.   Even the risk of infection may necessitate a dental extraction in some cases.

Wisdom Tooth Challenges – Patients frequently have their wisdom teeth extracted to avoid overcrowding or pain if the wisdom tooth does not erupt properly.  Impacted, infected and misaligned wisdom teeth can cause serious dental problems if they are ignored or untreated so, it is preferable to extract them to protect the functional teeth.

Periodontal Disease – Periodontal Disease (or Gum Disease) is a bacterial infection that affects the bones and gums that support the teeth. Infected gums and bone may not be able to hold the teeth stable, making chewing or biting painful. 

Implant Restorations

If you have a missing tooth, a dental implant restoration may be exactly what you need. Implants are titanium posts that are placed in the jaw to replace a missing tooth’s root. 

A dental implant restoration consists of three major components.  The implant, which acts as an artificial root, the abutment, which serves as a connector and, the restoration, which replaces the missing tooth. Implants are frequently fitted with crowns, but they can also serve as the foundation for other restorations such as dentures and bridges.

Dentists recommend implants because of their bone-preserving properties. The implant transfers bite forces into the patient’s jaw, providing the necessary stimulation to the tissues there.  Implants are the only dental prosthetics that address the bone tissue breakdown that occurs when a tooth falls out.

Partials and Dentures

Like all our other listed treatments, your unique dental needs will determine what partial and denture design will best suit you.  Usually, removable partial dentures are made up of replacement teeth which are affixed to plastic or metal bases that are gum colored.  Serenity Smile Care works to design the best denture to suit your needs for a comfortable aesthetic partial or denture to last you for many years to come.  These prostheses can be created with or without implants to provide stability while eating and speaking.  We ensure that our patients understand that after their partials and dentures are made, it is very important for them to visit a dentist at least once per year to perform dental and oral cancer exams.  We also evaluate the denture or partial to determine if it is functioning properly, needs adjustments or needs to be replaced after heavy wear.